Virtual Career Development Workshop

Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Leadership Alliance Executive Office, in partnership with Johns Hopkins University, is pleased to invite you to participate in a one-day Virtual Career Development Workshop [VCDW].

We are proud to announce our keynote speaker, Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett! Dr. Corbett is the scientific lead of the NIH’s Vaccine Research Center’s Coronavirus Response Team.

The LANS Career Development Workshop is an opportunity for graduate students and postdocs [BioMed discipline only] to learn more about potential career paths, build their professional network,  and apply practical advice to the next phase of their careers. Participants can expect to leave this workshop with:

  • Improved virtual interviewing skills
  • An expanded professional network of peers and mentors
  • Tools to market themselves to potential employers
  • Better online professional branding

What to Expect

The workshop will feature talks by Leadership Alliance Alumni, focusing on a variety of career pathways. In addition to the speakers, Professional Career Mentors will be invited to share their experiences and provide career advice for participants. Speakers and Professional Career mentors will represent a variety of professions including:

  • Academia
  • Consulting
  • Government and Policy
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Industry
  • Non-profit

Additional Resources

Visit our resources page, you might just find the information you were searching for.

Scenes from 2019

“Attending the career workshop allowed me to meet a diverse group of people with very different stories to tell. I felt understood and welcome, the development workshop provided me a space in which I felt I belonged to a community that is supportive of me and my goals.”

2019 CDW Attendee